ISS September 2016 Newsletter 9/20/2016

35th America’s Cup: Action, Excitement and Exclusive Access

Diane M.—Moderator
Sam Hollis-America’s Cup Event Authority—Panelist
Bill Hanbury-Bermuda Tourism Authority—Panelist
Stefano Tositti-BWA Yachting—Panelist

ISS is pleased to announce 35th America’s Cup: Action, Excitement and Exclusive Access, as its featured presentation topic for the Society’s Annual Membership Meeting & Breakfast on Wednesday 2 November 2016 from 8:00-10:00 am in the AIM Marine Group Pavilion at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The program is moderated by Diane M. Byrne, editor of and an ISS Board Member. Panelists include Sam Hollis, Commercial Commissioner and COO of the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA); Bill Hanbury of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA); and Stefano Tositti, CEO of BWA Yachting. Each panelist is integral to the success of the America’s Cup Superyacht Program in Bermuda in May/June 2017.

The America’s Cup engages the next generation of sailing enthusiasts with its powerful foiling boats, while at the same time the BTA is reaching a generation of consumers focused on adventure and experiential travel. BWA Yachting is managing and delivering the 35th America’s Cup Superyacht Program, offering premium berthing locations in Bermuda, front row access to the race course, and other exclusive privileges and experience.
Panelists will provide insight into a variety of compelling questions, with audience engagement encouraged: 
  • what makes the 35th America's Cup more exciting from a spectator standpoint (with "spectators" including the owners and guests aboard the superyachts)?
  • why are Bermuda's waters ideally suited to hosting the racing?
  • what special events await superyacht owners and guests who have reserved slips?
  • can ISS members get involved in hosting/sponsoring events next June?
  • how did the BTA convince the Bermudian government to relax regulations to attract more superyachts—and what’s the plan to continue work on these issues after the race?

ISS’s annual membership meeting is free for ISS members. There is a $35.00 entrance fee for non-members; however, those wishing to become members may apply the ticket value toward annual membership dues.

The event is also available to sponsors at the gold partnership level. Interested parties should contact Amy Halsted, ISS Executive Director, at +1 540.784.4561,

In our October newsletter, read more about the America’s Cup and bios of the panelists and moderator.ISS is pleased to announce 35th America’s Cup: Action, Excitement and Exclusive Access, as its featured presentation topic for the Society’s Annual Membership Meeting & Breakfast on Wednesday 2 November 2016 from 8:00-10:00 am in the AIM Marine Group Pavilion at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Moderator: Diane M. Panelists: Sam Hollis-America’s Cup Event Authority, Bill Hanbury-Bermuda Tourism Authority, Stefano Tositti-BWA Yachting


YachtInfo@FLIBS 2016

Expanding on last year’s very successful early morning YachtInfo format at FLIBS, ISS’s Education Committee has again lined up a four-day series of one-hour panels on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Kicking off just before the show opens each morning at 0800, each session will be run for an hour from 8:30, giving everyone plenty of time to get to their places in the show when it opens at 10:00.

All YachtInfo seminars are being held in the CruiserPort seminar tent on B Dock, Bahia Mar Yachting Center.
This year’s topics range from exciting destinations of interest to everyone to subjects that should make crew jobs just that little bit easier.

The first panel on Thursday morning will focus on the timeless but essential topic of leadership led by Paul Ferdais of the Marine Leadership Group.

Friday’s panel takes a look at new destinations in the Pacific and Indian Ocean led by Christelle Holler of Tahiti Private Expeditions.

Last year Cuba was the big topic in Fort Lauderdale as exciting new opportunities for the superyacht industry seemed to be opening up. On Saturday this year, as an update, captains who have actually been to Cuba will bring us up-to-date; the session is being led by Paul Madden of Paul Madden Associates.

YachtInfo@FLIBS 2016 winds up on Sunday morning with a seminar devoted to interior maintenance training for interior crew led by Richard Perkins of Interior Technology Services.

Elevating the ISS Gala through Global Support

Attracting new owners and enthusiasts to superyachting is an industry-wide initiative with far-reaching and growing support.

ISS is deeply involved in the success of this mandate. Our annual gala honouring yacht design and leadership—celebrating its 26th Anniversary on 2 November 2016—is already a cornerstone event in outreach efforts to showcase our most amazing works of art, the superyachts.

Defined during its June 2016 concept outreach meeting, ISS committed to enhancing our annual gala. For 2016, through the exacting practice of research, RFP development, proposal review and interviews, ISS has identified an event management firm to augment its gala committee. For 2017 and beyond, additional steps will be taken to further elevate this and other events.

Recently, ISS has developed a close cooperation with the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) in order to identify strategies and gain support for building out the ISS awards gala. Concurrently, through SYBAss, a number of shipyards have made a substantial donation to support the further enhancement of the 2016 event.

Additional opportunities to partner are available to all shipyards, associations, designers, naval architects, marinas, suppliers, crew and every stakeholder who recognizes the need to elevate our industry to attract new enthusiasts.

Contact Amy Halsted, ISS Executive Director, to get involved.


Association Alliance Member Feature--Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss)

SYBAss unites and represents builders of large motor and sailing yachts. The member shipyards have built at least three custom or semi-custom yachts over 40 metres in length in the past decade. Monaco is the seat of the association and where the annual General Assembly is held, during which the elected board explains current policies and asks members for input. The secretariat is based in the Netherlands from where all of the association’s activities are supported. SYBAss’ focus is on three fields: promotion, regulation and professionalism.

Promotion: SYBAss facilitates communication with current and potential superyacht owners. A unique collective campaign, ‘The Superyacht Life’, promotes the unrivalled superyacht lifestyle to UHNWIs. SYBAss also supports and cooperates with four major yacht shows to optimise members’ exposure, resulting in clustering exhibiting members in prime locations at the events.

Regulation: The purpose of SYBAss is to ensure regulators take into account the superyacht industry’s interest. SYBAss’ consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ensures that members are on top of developments in the regulatory field and informed about upcoming regulations.

Professionalism: Through studies, training and reports, structure and processes are provided to support members. For instance, the Annual Economic Report and Annual Statistics Report are published exclusively for members. Together with Delft University of Technology a superyacht specific Compensated Gross Tonnage factor has been developed, indicating the complexity and labour that goes into building superyachts. This enables comparison with other shipbuilding industries, thereby supporting lobbying activities. (For SYBAss reports, visit

SYBAss has a collaborative approach towards colleague industry associations and in this light a closer cooperation with ISS is a logical next step. Topics for alignment between SYBAss and ISS are:


  • SYBAss supports the ambition of ISS to build out the ISS Awards Gala, as the only neutral, non-profit awards ceremony organized by the industry itself.
  • The mission of ‘The Superyacht Life’ is industry wide and deserves support from other industry stakeholders. ISS is the appropriate platform in which all stakeholders are united to contribute to this shared goal.
  • There are occasions when a neutral and collective voice of the superyacht industry is required to advocate the interests of the industry as a whole. A joint approach will be developed for such occasions.

More information about SYBAss and its members can be found on


Board Member Profile--Simon Harvey--N2 People Skills

Simon Harvey has been around yachts his whole life. From building boats to working from deckhand to captain, and now working with captains and crew on leadership and people skills development with his company N2 People Skills. Simon’s working and volunteer roles have always been focused on people, leadership and yachts. In 2008 while running his lifestyle management company, Simon & Co, for UHWI in Virginia, Simon started N2 People Skills to research and develop better tools for crew leadership and personal development. By late 2012 he was working with yachts helping captains become more effective by understanding their leadership styles and seeing the effects on team development.

In 2013 Simon started working from UK and in 2014 he permanently moved to the South coast of England with his wife Lisa, and their two teenage children.

A member of the ISS since 2012, Simon was voted onto the board in 2013 and has served on the board since. Working with the membership chairs and other board groups, he has supported ISS membership and social media directives and drives over the past three years. Passionate about leadership and the effects on yachts and ownership ROI, he is often asked to write for leading yachting publications on leadership and crew development on yachts.

With a vocal presence on SM in regards to safety, the human factor and leadership, Simon was appointed an ambassador to CHIRP UK in 2014. CHIRP UK is the Confidential Hazardous Incident Report Programme that offers valuable tools in the identification of safety related issues and the definition of corrective actions in maritime industries.

Simon continues to work towards personal goals of raising industry leadership standards aboard, giving yacht owners higher ROI, and raising overall safety culture aboard yachts.

Most recently Simon worked in a volunteer role on the leadership group tasked to develop learning objectives and foundation for the PYA’s GUEST interior management course. Simon is excited to be launching the first individual e-learning leadership courses this year that are specifically designed for all crew in leadership positions on yachts.

Simon can be found relaxing in practicing mindful mediation and yoga on the beach, out front of his house surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding with the seals and about the country on family walks.

Always striving to give back to the industry, Simon continually lends his time to those looking for a helping hand whether Master Mariner or green crew.


Spotlight on Supporting Member--Kevin Glancy & Jonathan Fawcett

Kevin Glancy & Jonathan Fawcett are one of the world’s leading outfitters to superyachts, supplying the most exquisite tableware, crystal and silver, the finest bed linen, towels, and table linen to suit every setting.

From their headquarters in Manchester, UK, the project management team draw on decades of expertise to guarantee seamless professional service. Together Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett have worked on over 400 of the world’s finest yachts.

As a result of 27 years of working on some of the world’s most prestigious projects, they have established trusted relationships with internationally renowned leading brands which they present to clients alongside original creations and bespoke designs. Experts in design, sourcing, project management and quality control, they understand that detail is everything. They go to extraordinary lengths to excel in every element of work.

Offering the industry’s widest range of samples under one roof, Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett showcase individual pieces to entire themes from their headquarters. To experience their personal service first-hand, they welcome visits to their private showroom, where their project managers and team carefully prepare and reflect any chosen theme, inviting clients to put the finishing touches to their interior design in one easy visit. Alternatively, they travel and conduct meetings with owners, designers and representatives regardless of where they are based globally, both on land and sea.

Kevin Glancy & Jonathan Fawcett are in their second year as a supporting member to the ISS. Their involvement and affiliation greater strengthens their offering and the way they work. It is important for the companies to align themselves with an internationally recognised organisation which shares their values, especially w hen it comes to excellence. The commitment to the yachting industry continues to grow and evolve and they look forward to a lasting affiliation.
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