ISS November 2016 Newsletter 11/21/2016
2016 ISS Design & Leadership Award Winners

Celebration complete! Champagne popped! Bravo to the Design & Leadership Winners of ISS’s 26th Annual Awards. Masters of the aesthetic and trailblazers of an extraordinary global industry.

Best Sail 24-40m


Baltic Yachts


Nauta Design

Rolf Vrolijk


Best Sail 40m+


Vitters Shipyard


Germán Frers

Stirling & Co.


First PYC (Passenger Yacht Code)




Andrew Winch



Best Refit

Falcon Lair

Composite Works/ 






Best Power 24-40m




Stefano Righini

AKJ Design


Best Power 40-65m




Nuvolari Lenard

Gilles et Boissier


Best Power 65m+




CG Design


De Voogt NA


Best Interior


Nauta Yachts




Awards of Distinction & Leadership Award

2016 Excellence in Innovation

Triton Submarines

with Dr. Michael Haley

Rhonda Darling,

Patrick Lahey, Triton

Ole Sivertsen, MTN, Sponsor


2016 Business Person of the Year

John Allen, Quantum Marine Engineering

with Bob Saxon

MarineMax Yachts



2016 Distinguished Crew Award

Captain Bill Zinser

with Gary Groenewold

Westrec Marinas




2016 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award

Captain David Tomlinson

with Bas Swanink




2016 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award Legacy Tribute

Kay Rybovich Family

(no photo available)


2016 Leadership Award

Jonathan Beckett—Burgess

with Tim Heywood,

Tim Heywood Designs

2015 Leadership Recipient


2016 Leadership Award

l. to r.

Jody Dunowitz, Robb Report, Sponsor

Tim Heywood

Jonathan Beckett

Nelson Lucero, Ulysse Nardin, Watch Sponsor


Call for Nominations to the 2017 ISS Board of Directors
Join the remarkable roster of the global superyacht industry’s leadership who serve on the ISS Board of Directors.

If you would like to add yourself or another to the slate, nominations remain open until December 23rd.  In such a case, please email your nomination including name, company and email to Amy Halsted, Nominees should plan on submitting a complete biography and image, also to Amy, by December 23rd.

The official 2017 ISS Ballot will be distributed to ISS membership on 3 January 2017; voting will conclude on midnight 3 February 2017 with the new board seated the following day.

Be sure your membership is current. Voting for the ISS Board—which carries responsibility for its global strategic direction, forward-thinking initiatives and general disposition of the Society—is a privilege of membership.

If not a member, join today; to review membership benefits. You might also use our shopping site to efficiently process your membership:

For the 2017 election, ISS membership will award eight (8) Board positions for three (3) years. Complete biographies of the nominees will be included in the official ballot.

Ocean Sustainability Suggestions from the 2016 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award Winner

By Captain David Tomlinson

What an honour for me to be the recipient of the 2016 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award. I’ve never sought recognition of my efforts in helping find out how our ocean’s work, what’s in them or how to sustainably use them during my 30+ years of running long-range diving research ships around Australia and the SW Pacific. My thirst for knowledge has been like an addiction fed by the ability to help universities, museums, government agencies and even individual scientists get into the field and find out what it’s all about. My specialty has been taking people safely into the middle of nowhere to stay for a while as we try to analyse how extraordinary our oceans and reef systems truly are. 

During my nearly 6,000 hours underwater I’ve learned a lot, but I’m also aware of how little we really know about our marine environment and that globally our oceans, and all that live within them, are under stresses like never before. Time is now our enemy in finding solutions to the ever-increasing daily challenges to the health of our planet. Our atmosphere is challenged; our lands are wounded; and, our oceans are disrespected to the extent that all living things are facing a future that tests their very existence.

This stark reality hits home when you understand how little we know about our marine world and that now those trying to find out are doing so with at least one hand tied behind their backs. Marine researchers and ocean managers globally are finding themselves fighting for budget, or any funding, to allow them to continue discovering and to find solutions.

As I stood on stage to accept the award I looked out on a room filled with the leaders of the yachting industry toasting the advancements in technologies, design and capabilities which demonstrates how far the industry has grown. 

I challenge each of you, as you celebrate your successes—which become a legacy for your future generations—to consider another legacy you can wear proudly: adopt a scientist or a marine institute in your backyard. No matter where you live—that nearby marine environment that you love so dearly—has either someone, or an organization, trying to further understand its importance and to help develop ways to sustainably interact to insure its long-term survival. They need your support. That spare 50 or 100-dollar bill in your pocket can help immensely. Sadly, in today’s world financial resources are limited or non-existent to aid in these worthwhile quests. Also, think about volunteering your boat to help researchers get access to distant grounds to help in furthering discovery. 

These are just a couple suggestions on how you can help and I promise you … it feels good.

You know you smile when you watch your own grandchildren’s’ faces light up with their moments of discovery … so you know you’ll feel really good knowing some child somewhere in the future will squeal with glee as they too discover how extraordinary our oceans are. What they see may be still there as a direct result of your help. Consider that!


Association Alliance Member Feature-The Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF)
The Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF), created in 1961, is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to protecting and growing the region’s $11.5 billion marine industry, which generates 136,000 associated jobs. MIASF has over 500 members in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties and is the owner of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS).

FLIBS is the largest boat show on the planet and has evolved over nearly six decades from a local boating exhibit to a five-day, international destination experience attracting 100,000 visitors and exhibitors from more than 35 countries and generating a state-wide economic impact of $857 million. As the world’s largest in-water boat show, FLIBS displays 1,500 boats throughout six miles of docks and more than three million square feet of exhibit space, where approximately 1,200 exhibitors will display more than $4 billion worth of products that last year generated $508.3 million in total sales - more than $100 million a day!

Community engagement through events and partnerships is important to marine industry members, and MIASF plans annual events that draw thousands of participants, including Marine Industry Day, Plywood Regatta, Fort Lauderdale Billfish Tournament, and Waterway Cleanup.  MIASF also partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Broward to sponsor and build the first-ever, two-story duplex in Fort Lauderdale that will soon become home to two separate families.

MIASF works closely with educational institutions and workforce organizations to develop apprenticeship and internship opportunities, and recently created and produced, Salty Jobs, a video series designed to appeal to millennials that highlights a variety of marine industry jobs, which typically pay 28% higher than the state average.

Through its connectivity with marine businesses, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs, MIASF is collaborating to develop South Florida as a Marine Research Hub, along with several of Florida’s public and private universities that are pioneering research into some amazing underwater discoveries.

MIASF has raised the professionalism of the industry and its impact at the local, state, and federal levels. Members have fostered a reputation for the region to be known as the goods and service center of the world for the yachting and marine community.

Executive Committee Member Profile-Robert van Tol-SYBAss
Appointed Secretary of the ISS Executive Committee in June 2016, Robert has been specialising in association management since he started at the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) in 2007. “I grew up close to the Kaag lakes in the Netherlands. That is where I learned sailing but also where I saw superyachts built by Feadship-Van Lent.” He always wondered about the world of superyachts, resulting in completing his bachelor in marketing as intern at Feadship in 2007. “I visited 30 yachts in the marinas in South of France to interview captains checking what magazines are most popular to advertise in. The internet was not even of so much interest yet in 2007, unthinkable now really.”

While continuing toward his Master’s degree in Business Administration, Robert started working part time at SYBAss, which had been founded in 2007. “It was such a privilege to work with the management of these impressive group of yards from all over the world, and to work at the major yacht shows. Not an average student job.” Graduating in 2011, he had further specialised in association management by writing his thesis about governance and cooperating associations.

Robert is also on the board of the Dutch Society of Association Executives. At SYBAss Robert has a wide range of tasks varying from developing the clusters of exhibiting members at the Monaco, Fort Lauderdale and Dubai shows, to publishing annual statistics and economic reports in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group and enhancing the process of superyacht coating.

“I am very motivated to continue serving on the ISS Executive Committee to enhance the cooperation between ISS and SYBAss, grow the ISS’s worldwide membership base and contribute my knowledge of association management to the ISS organisation.” With the upcoming ISS Board of Directors elections, he will formally stand for the general board and sincerely appreciates your votes to continue to champion the interest of the organization and the global industry.

Spotlight on Sponsorship-Westrec Marinas
Westrec Marinas is one of the largest national marina operators in the United States and currently operates a portfolio of over 25 marina facilities. Comprising some 15,000 wet and dry storage spaces, Westrec properties accommodate vessels ranging in size from personal watercraft to megayachts, served by over 500 employees. Their consulting experience ranges over 100 different marina properties and their operational skills are widely recognized. Since 1987 Westrec has constructed, renovated and redesigned over $300 million in marina projects.

Westrec has successfully partnered with a variety of government and regulatory agencies to create marinas that provide public revenues, increase services, expand usage, and most importantly, increase the enjoyment and participation levels of the boating public. Westrec has partnered with over twenty such agencies across the U.S., including the Chicago Park District, Miami-Dade County, Florida, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the Port Authority of Jamaica, and many others.

Westrec is very proud of its achievements in Public-Private Partnerships. These relationships are the direct result of the company’s philosophy. In all the cases where Westrec operates public facilities, the company has been selected through an extensive RFP process where multiple bidders have participated.

Most recently Westrec completed an ambitious project in a public park in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  The new Haulover Marine Center is a state of the art 508 space fully enclosed boat dry storage facility handling vessels up to 60’ in length and storing them up to five racks high. This $22 million-dollar facility located on the ICW just north of Bakers Haulover Inlet in Miami Beach boasts the two largest marine fork lift trucks ever made with the ability to lift over 78,000 lbs.

It is projects such as these that continue to keep the company at the forefront of the industry. Westrec is unique in that through its operations it has experience serving all aspects of the marine industry, from the weekend warrior to the sportfish enthusiast to the family cruiser, professional crew and superyacht owner. All are Westrec’s customers and clients, and all enjoy their time on the water.

Westrec’s Southern Regional Office administers the company’s interests throughout the state of Florida, the Caribbean, South, and Central America. It is through this office that they came to be members of the ISS due to their Area Vice President, Gary Groenewold, and the desire to be involved and on the cutting edge of what is happening in the superyacht industry. Since that time Westrec has become a supporting member of ISS and Groenewold is now serving his 4th term on its Board of Directors.

He saw early on the importance and value of professional crew as an important component of the superyacht industry and deserving of recognition alongside of the designers, builders and movers and shakers in the industry. As a result, Westrec has sponsored the annual Distinguished Crew Award since its inception some 12 years ago and is committed to continuing their support and sponsorship of the ISS for years to come.   
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