ISS Assimilates Yacht Captains Association (YCA) Membership3/22/2017

International Superyacht Society (ISS) is honoured to announce its assimilation of the Yacht Captains Association (YCA) membership effective immediately. All current YCA members matriculate as ISS members with full membership privileges.

The formation of YCA was announced in March 2014 at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. It was created to serve the needs of Captains with the idea to create membership values “By Captains for Captains.” With the experience of successful educational events, networking opportunities and collaborative partnerships, YCA’s founders believe the next step for the association is to become an integral part of ISS’s larger global mission to ensure sustainability and excellence in the global superyachting industry.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that ISS—the widely-respected organization with an international reach through global yachting basins—has agreed to bring YCA’s membership into the ISS family,” says founding YCA board member, Captain Michael Schueler of M/Y Rasselas.

“ISS’s financial stability, diverse membership, industry partnerships and dedication to the future of yachting and yachting professionals provides the ideal infrastructure for building a Captains community second-to-none. Plans are already well underway to create autonomy for Captains within the ISS committee structure,” Schueler continues.

Essential to providing support for ISS’s overall crew initiative, ISS partner Wright Maritime Group (WMG) will work with the new Captain members to develop a strategy to fulfil their needs within the larger organizational structure.

WMG CEO and ISS Board Member, Captain AJ Anderson, comments, “The industry is served by supporting the involvement of all seafaring professionals to be the next generation of industry leaders. WMG is honoured to help ISS’s innovative approach in building sustainability in our most important resource—the seafaring human factor—and will bring all resources at its disposal to welcoming and encouraging initiatives of importance to ISS’s new Captain members.”

Founded in 1989, ISS’s original mission was to create continuity for a burgeoning global yachting industry. Today, through work with its Associations Alliance, elevated awards platform for design and leadership, educational programs, networking opportunities, creation of policies and initiatives that mirror the pressing needs of a noble industry, ISS equally celebrates the diversity of superyachting worldwide with the primary goal of assisting in finding new enthusiasts.

Derik Wagner, ISS President, says, ““On behalf of the ISS Board of Directors, we are delighted to welcome these remarkable Captains to the Society. It is our privilege to provide a forum for the Captains to express their particular points of view to help shape sound operational and promotional blueprints for the future of our industry and the owners who so enjoy our celebrated products.”

Captain Schueler concludes, “I plan to remain an active participant in the transition, help in the formation of the ISS Captains committee and work with ISS’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors as YCA Captains build a new home within ISS that honours our original vision and mission. I’m confident it will flourish and grow, encompassing hundreds of Captains worldwide in a short time.”

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