2017 Crew Membership Initiative - ISS Partnership with Wright Maritime Group & Westrec Marinas 8/18/2017

The International Superyacht Society (ISS) is pleased to announce Wright Maritime Group and Westrec Marina support in underwriting crew in the yacht industry with a one-year free membership in ISS.

ISS President, Bob Saxon, comments, “ISS welcomes Wright Maritime’s and Westrec Marinas’ approach to sponsoring yacht crew membership as an entrance to the ISS and its global reach. ISS believes the industry benefits by crew influence and crew benefits by establishing important longterm relationships with top industry influencers.”

WMG’s captain AJ Anderson and Westrec’s Gary Groenewold, jointly add, “The industry is served by providing yacht crew with pathways to contribute in the development of industry standards, facilitated through relationships with industry leaders. Our companies are honored to underwrite ISS’s innovative approach to building sustainability in our most important resource—the human factor.”

To enroll, crew are asked to provide minimum information.

• Name

• Email address

• Years in yachting

Send your information to ISS Administrator, Vanessa Stuart, info@superyachtsociety.org. Vanessa will email a confirmation of membership with the ISS membership logo.

Membership offers these benefits to crew:

1. Relationship building with:

a. new build shipyard executives

b. yacht management executives

c. major publication and event executives

d. senior Flag state regulators

e. renowned yacht designers and architects

f. like-minded professionals

2. Influencing regulated and non-regulated professional training curriculum

3. Establishing position as a leading industry professional and creating personal opportunities

4. Playing an important role in the industry’s direction

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