Award for Artisans in Shipbuilding5/15/2018

The finest artisans are those very special individuals who both produce exemplary work and are relentless in their drive to be the best that they can by constantly developing their art, sharing their skills and experience while delivering on time and on budget.

Launched at the 2017 Amsterdam ISS Members’ event and sponsored by Quantum Marine Stabilizers, the Award for Artisans in Shipbuilding is the brainchild of 2016 ISS Business Person of the Year, John Allen.

Artisans are found in all aspects of new construction: holding a welding torch or a chisel, working with needle and thread or precious materials. Their work may be permanently on display in the finished vessel, or out of sight, reliably delivering the high performance we have all come to expect. Across such a broad array of diverse talents, it is the common elements of what truly makes an artisan that will enable us to seek out the shining stars in our industry.

Each year, superyacht shipyards around the world will be invited to nominate one candidate.
This person can be from their own staff or from one of their prime contractors.
Nominating shipyards should provide information (text and pictures) that gives good insight into the special attributes of the nominee, their skill, and how they embody the true spirit of artisanship.

Four distinct areas have been defined to allow judging to assess the relative strengths of nominees:
• Artistry The degree to which the nominee has achieved Mastery of their respective art
Their ability to interpret and execute the designer’s intent beyond design details
• Mentorship/Sharing With skills in continual demand and development of the next generation recognised by many as having prime importance, how well this individual passes on their knowledge and shares their experience with others
• Value As an artisan, how the nominee has delivered outstanding value and embodied the highest quality ideals while delivering on-time and on-budget Their accuracy of construction and delivery to complex design
• Innovation Complacency is not present in top artisans who are always looking to develop new techniques and deliver even greater performance; how the nominee advances their skills and craft How much the nominee delivers innovation to the technique used for construction

The Award judges panel, comprising a minimum of five individuals drawn from a variety of backgrounds, includes:
• Magazine Technical Editor
• Designer – minimum 10 yachts delivered
• New Construction Owners’ Representative with successful project as well as operational experience
Judges will be required to have a minimum number of years’ experience (Designer/OR = 10, Editor = 5). The identity of judges will not be publicised prior to the judging process.
Judges will follow the guidelines when assessing the nominees to produce a shortlist of five finalists, six weeks in advance of the awards event and also in the second stage to select the the eventual winner.
To continually bring fresh perspectives each year, one judge will be rotated out on an annual basis after the second year.

Award Presentation
The award honouree and their partner will be a guest of ISS at the annual awards event with transport and accommodation provided where they will be presented with the Quantum perpetual trophy and keepsake award.
It is intended that this new award will join with the other ISS Awards of Distinction (listed below) and the Leadership Award, expanding the recognition of Excellence that is part of the mission of ISS.
Awards of Distinction
Distinguished Crew
Fabien Cousteau Blue Award
Business/Person of the Year

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