Meet the Judges: Joe Foggia7/9/2018

Joe Foggia

Broker, Northrop & Johnson 

Joe Foggia, has been a sales/ new construction broker at Northrop & Johnson’s Fort Lauderdale office since 2015. Prior to joining N & J, Foggia was CEO and Director of Sales at Christensen Yachts in Oregon. He recounts his early years at Christensen where in the 1980s, at 15 years old, he swept floors and ground fiberglass at the Christensen Shipyard. Post his University education and through Dave Christensen’s mentorship, he moved up through the ranks at the shipyard from project management to vice president of operations, to president. Foggia is happy with his career change, and thrilled with his move to Florida. He and his wife, Judy, enjoy all types of watersports. Foggia dips back into the cold every now and then for downhill skiing.


What is your favorite part of your job? Why? 

As a sales broker and new construction specialist at N&J, I get to use my experience and passion to help yacht owners and buyers pursue their next adventure, while establishing long and formidable relationship along the way. 


What is the most effective daily habit you possess? 

Follow-up; follow-up; follow-up….


Where do you find inspiration? Why? 

My Mentors; from my family to my clients, as I am always learning from them all every day...


How do you manage life balance? 

After building yachts for thirty years, having successes and failures along the way, my mantra is “Life happens after you make plans…” I now get eight hours of sleep, regular exercise, have loads of fun with friends, family and colleagues, and travel wherever, whenever, especially to see or experience a yacht.


Where are you the happiest? Why? 

I love living in Florida, on the water, and the warm climate. 


What does it mean to you to be an ISS judge? 

Knowing most of the judges, I feel it is a very diverse and experienced group of yacht industry professionals, for which, I am proud to contribute to such a balanced forum


What do you like about the ISS Design & Awards Gala? 

I personally like the networking and the pride you find in the yacht owners and their team. 

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